Geosyntec assists its clients in developing their operations to meet cost, waste reduction, and long-term community goals. For many clients, we have provided analysis and guidance in planning and designing the administrative structure for the effective management of solid waste systems.

This includes organizational analysis; developing performance measures to gauge efficiency of programs and services; evaluating the administration of personnel, physical, and financial resources; and benchmarking. We make certain that new or modified planning strategies and objectives are appropriate, financially sound, and viable.

We provide operation evaluations to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of services provided by contract operators. We identify causes of performance shortfalls, offer proven recommendations to reduce costs and improve productivity and services, and assist with monitoring program results. As part of these efforts, we have prepared organizational audits, conducted regulatory compliance assessments, provided cost estimations for operation, maintenance, and equipment replacement, designed management information systems, and assisted in organizational planning and selection of personnel to fill key positions. We have identified the organizational strategy and then planned the structure of resources needed to implement effective system management to achieve the goals of the organization. Our efforts have resulted in improved allocation of resources, expanded and more-reliable services, enhanced worker training and safety, reduced customer complaints, and lower costs.

Our professionals understand that fully-integrated solid waste management and recycling services are highly complex operations that involve coordinated and sometimes competing interests involving trucking, heavy equipment, construction, maintenance, finance, and personnel management. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various types and sizes of equipment, as well as the multiple options available for operating and maintaining equipment. We offer real-world forensic and operating experience from dozens of materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and waste handling facilities, with first-hand knowledge of the common pitfalls affecting solid waste management facilities and their operations. Conversely, we have also worked closely with dozens of clients that operate efficient and well-managed solid waste operations, and so recognize the standards for good practice. We understand the limitations of engineering and where close operational, financial, and management control is essential for a system to perform well.

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