For many applications, our comprehensive approach to remedial implementation presents significant advantages over traditional design/contracting services. The Geosyntec engineer who designs a remediation system is integrally involved in its construction, and can adapt the system to changing project conditions as needed.

Comprehensive design may also avoid the need to generate the detailed plans and specifications required for contractor bidding, significantly accelerating project execution schedules and providing significant cost savings to our clients. For projects where detailed design is required, Geosyntec practitioners present complex design requirements using traditional plans and specifications as well as 3D renderings that reduce the effort required to obtain responsive and accurate bids.

Additionally, Geosyntec has developed detailed designs and constructed a variety of comprehensive remediation systems with various degrees of automation based on project requirements. They range from manually operated pilot test systems for soil vapor extraction and bioremediation applications, to systems in remote locations that can be fully operated by a secure telemetry link from any Geosyntec office.

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