Geosyntec engineers and scientists offer decades of experience in the design, construction, and long-term maintenance of waste containment and processing facilities, including central operations where commingled or source-separated recyclables are processed mechanically or manually to meet market specifications for sale.

We consult with solid waste planners and engineers as they establish technical specifications, conduct material analysis, and seek to improve manual and mechanical materials separation and recovery approaches at their recycling facilities handling thousands of tons of waste each day throughout the world.

Geosyntec engineers provide advanced designs for new and established facilities as well as technical services for waste characterization, mass balance, and technology selection, including recommendations for fixed and rolling equipment to enhance operations. We also analyze human factors related to waste recovery and separating and consult on best management practices for raw material and product storage.

In just one example, Geosyntec aided the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Florida in the innovative installation of a disc screen system for commercial fiber. County officials sought to increase the overall efficiency of their existing recycling facility and, if possible, to mechanize the operation while increasing the quality of the finished product, thereby improving its marketability and revenue potential.

Geosyntec met or exceeded each of these goals. Efficiency increased from approximately nine tons of product recovered each hour to an average rate of about 17 tons per hour, ramping up to as much as 20 tons per hour when needed. The amount of manual labor used in the processing operation was also substantially reduced, and the overall quality and marketability of the finished products were improved using a combination of a pre-sort station, the disc screen, and an improved ability to perform quality control inspections.