Geosyntec, as a corporation and as individuals, was instrumental in the passage of Los Angeles County's Measure W, the ordinance establishing the Safe Clean Water Program, through both fundraising leadership and technical support for a number of critical entities. Geosyntec maintains two permanent offices in Los Angeles County, managed and staffed by County residents and taxpayers.

Expertise with Feasibility Study Elements

Geosyntec has the in-house technical expertise and experience to support all stages of the Feasibility Study process for multi-benefit projects, including technical modeling and design, site and geotechnical investigation, commmunity outreach, triple-bottom-line benefits, and coordination of regulatory requirements and permits. Our comprehensive approach has been utilized by various clients to meet all Program Guidelines while striving to optimize project scoring, maintain project adaptability, and provide robust cost-effectiveness and value to the taxpayers of Los Angeles County.

Green Infrastructure Development

Geosyntec has established itself as a leader of watershed plans and green infrastructure design and construction, including the drafting of numerous Enhanced Watershed Management Programs (EWMP) and Low Impact Development (LID) design manuals. Our experts have worked with numerous cities, counties, and watershed agencies to provide and implement local-, regional-, and watershed-scale planning and implementation plans for compliance with applicable regulatory criteria including MS4 permits and TMDLs. These plans have included green infrastructure placement and performance analyses to assess receiving water compliance; stormwater capture planning to analyze impacts to groundwater supplies; whole lifecycle BMP cost and performance analyses to determine efficient solutions to achieve multiple social and environmental objectives. We have delivered stormwater BMP construction documents (PS&E) and pioneered innovative alternative delivery approaches in the Greater Los Angeles area, in order to mitigate risks, save costs and expedite schedules. Many of our stormwater BMP projects have received local, statewide and national recognition for technical excellence.

Geotechnical Investigations

With our history as industry leaders in geotechnical engineering, Geosyntec possesses a wide network of vendors and contractors with first-hand geotechnical experience in many locations throughout the LA region. In many cases, reliance on these sources provides critical information that quickly supports project siting and concept development. Geosyntec regularly manages environmental screening and insitu investigations, including subsurface exploration, field infiltration testing, and geotechnical laboratory testing. We have also developed analytical approaches to leverage available subsurface information to quickly evaluate the viability of various options for stormwater infiltration systems.

Support of Disadvantaged and Local Communities

Geosyntec is a regional leader through its engagement and collaboration with local community groups and representatives to develop multi-benefit projects that equitably benefit and improve communities. Our professionals have engaged with the Los Angeles County Office of Sustainability for panel discussions on environmental justice, equity, diversion, and inclusion with public infrastructure and green infrastructure improvements. Geosyntec has also established durable relationships with multiple ‘Community Partner’ organizations throughout the LA Basin, adding the insight and support of local voices to projects with significant value for the communities they represent. Recent work on Safe Clean Water Feasibility Studies has also resulted in close engagement with local elected officials.

Strategic Project Funding and Financing

Recognizing the critical nature of project funding, Geosyntec has delivered technical analyses to secure funding partners (e.g., LADWP, Caltrans, etc.) for completion of proposed projects. In addition, Geosyntec has established itself as a leader in establishing public-private partnerships (P3s) for stormwater projects, providing financing options for project execution. Such strategies seek to not only optimize available funds, but are also beneficial for project implementation scheduling.

Comprehensive Project Execution

Geosyntec has supported all stages of green infrastructure project life cycles, from site identification and conceptualization; to design and permitting; to construction, optimization, and operations and maintenance. This hands-on experience with project implementation provides critical insight into project components such as schedule, budget, performance, and other risk elements.

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