Geosyntec's engineers and scientists stand among the world's foremost experts in urban stormwater management and are leading innovators in the design of best management practices that mitigate impacts to surface water quality, enhance water conservation strategies, and even contribute to municipal water supplies.

Our professionals excel in the development and implementation of comprehensive water quality master plans and site-specific designs using green infrastructure concepts for long-term stormwater control. We also guide the development and design of construction, industrial, and municipal programs for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulatory program compliance.

We have evaluated the opportunities, constraints, effectiveness, and costs associated with a variety of low impact development and "green streets" options, as well as provided conventional treatment control BMPs for maintaining water quality control. Our comprehensive design capabilities allow us to provide end-to-end solutions for a wide variety of applications: from proprietary cistern sizing and optimization modeling, to water collection and pre-filtration strategies, to designs for filtration, treatment, and water distribution systems.

Our water resources engineers specialize in surface water and groundwater interactions, ecosystem restoration, and multi-beneficial project development as well as hydromodification management and erosion and sediment control. In addition, our practitioners have been instrumental in the development, publication, and support for numerous stormwater guidance and design manuals.

Geosyntec professionals established and continue to contribute to the International Database on Urban Stormwater BMP Design and Performance. We frequently present state-of-the-practice training sessions and workshops on stormwater management, NPDES regulatory program requirements, erosion and sediment control technologies, and BMP performance and design.