Fluid Systems and Flow Network Modeling

Geosyntec has extensive knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat transfer processes, which we regularly apply to helping clients solve their complex engineering problems across different industry sectors.

Many engineers within Geosyntec have studied detailed aspects of fluid flow and heat transfer phenomenon to Ph.D. level, and have been published in journals and conferences worldwide. This fundamental knowledge of fluid dynamics, hydraulics, and reacting flows is supplemented by the use of modern analysis tools, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and fluid network modelling, using a range of commercial and internally developed tools.

Our expertise in certain specialist areas has resulted in the development of new techniques to help clients using custom software tools, and modified commercial software that addresses complex systems. These specialist areas include conjugate heat transfer (combined conduction, convection and thermal radiation) for systems such as nuclear transport flasks, aircraft wing anti-icing, and boiler heat exchangers.

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Fuel systems require the application of network modelling techniques to ensure acceptable performance over the full operational envelope of an aircraft. Each of the different sub-systems, including refuelling, engine/APU feed, transfer, venting, and inserting, has to be analyzed over the full operational envelope (altitude, pitch, fuel type) to ensure that the aircraft design can meet or exceed the requirements to ensure aircraft safety and performance. Geosyntec has provided such expertise to assist in the design of fuel systems for a confidential high-profile client.

Active Fire Protection Systems

Active fire protection (AFP) systems are used to provide water deluge, water curtain, spray, and mist. They can be specified to cool critical structures and process vessels, provide heat shielding for escape routes, and to minimize the impact of explosions. Geosyntec designs AFP systems using industry-standard software, such as PipeNet and Flowmaster, and regulations such as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and national standards. We carry out site surveys and inspections, including site surveys, and interact with duty holders, local fire and rescue authorities, and regulators. We have supported clients by converting existing AFP network models from unsupported legacy software to current industry standard software.

Drinking Water Delivery Networks

Water delivery networks deliver drinking water from water treatment works to domestic and industrial users. These often involve pumping high volumes of water under pressure over large distances and in complex networks. These are at risk from pressure surges or "water hammer" effects if poorly designed. Geosyntec assists clients by providing network modeling and surge analysis services. We advise clients on the design and optimization of surge protection systems and pump selection.

Lead Consultants

  • David Bonnett, P.E., P.Eng.
    David Bonnett is a Principal Engineer based in Massachusetts with 30 years of experience focused on water and natural resources engineering and waste containment facility planning and design, inclu ...
  • Mark Hanna, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP
    Mark Hanna is a Senior Principal Water Resources Engineer based in California with over 20 years of experience focused on water resources management. His experience in water rights, integrated wate ...
  • Eric Strecker, P.E., BCEE
    Eric Strecker is a Senior Principal Water Resources Engineer based in Oregon with more than 30 years of experience focused on the design, monitoring, and evaluation of stormwater best management pr ...
  • Tim Jones, CEng
    Tim Jones is a Principal Engineer based in England with more than 10 years of experience in fire and explosion management for clients in the oil and gas, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. ...
  • Chris Robinson, Ph.D., CEng, MIMechE
    Chris Robinson is a Principal Engineer based in England, with more than 23 years of professional experience focused on fluids systems engineering, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), gas dispersion ...
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